Pompe MAG

MAG pumps

The new MAG – M Pompe are the natural evolution of previous MHV, we have produced in the past.
They are characterized by a completely new design, which, however, retains the characteristics of robustness and reliability. The main innovations are the following:

1. Body back have a whole new project, now made in one piece, no welding, with much higher resistance, with the same wall thickness. This design allows to reduce considerably the cost of spare parts, in order to minimize the return on investment and the costs of operating the machine.
2. Magnetic couplings of new generation, thanks to the remarkable improvement of the characteristics of materials used and the calculation procedures, have allowed the reduction of the masses and consequently the magnetic losses.
3. The above helps to increase the life of supporting them, and reduce the heat contributed to the process. In addition, the new project does not include the use of adhesives of any kind, either outside or inside, because now the magnetic elements are mechanically locked, this allows the use even in extreme conditions of temperature (from – 90 ° C to +350 ° C).
4. Even in cases where, because of incorrect maneuvers, or malfunction, there should be an unexpected rise of temperature, no vent will be issued by the magnetic coupling.
5. The construction technology of magnets is that they do not require any balancing, this causes an abnormal vibration-free operation.
6. The pump now consists of fewer parts, and therefore, easier to maintain.
7. Circuits of internal lubrication and cooling have been optimized, in order to make them more effective even in the case of liquids with high viscosity.
8. The present building also allows the use of hydraulic cast iron hand and therefore more economical, while the old MHV could use only the most expensive hydraulic steel.
9. The total new design thus provides an economy of production costs, resulting in a very profitable sale price.