Fields of application

Corrugated carton board

Reliability and long-life are key components in the paper industry.

Animal feed and nutrition

Animal fats, molasses, vegetable oils, fatty-acids, glucose, margarine, food liquids.

Vegetable oils

Oil mills, oil mills, and plants for the production of vegetable oils such as palm oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, coconut oil.

Exhausted oils and solvents

Waste, vegetable or mineral oils.

Polyol and isocyanate

Polyurethane is more and more widely used, from thermal insulation for buildings to footwear to the automotive sector.

Chemicals and emulsifiers

Technical measures able to satisfy any type of chemical application.

Resins and coatings

The absence of pulsations guarantees an extremely precise, constant and linear flow dosage.


M Pompe can meet the constantly evolving needs in the Oil & Gas sector, both in midstream and downstream processes.