Chemicals and emulsifiers

M Pompe pumps can be supplied in various types of materials ranging from the most common ones such as cast iron, carbon steel, bronze, stainless steel, to special alloys such as Ni-Resist, Hastelloy ™, Inconel, Duplex.

When necessary, all the above mentioned materials can be finished with state-of-the-art heat treatments and coatings thus improving the tribology of the material.

Sealing systems range from single and double mechanical seals to single and double cartridge seals with flushing by means of pressurized auxiliary liquid.

For the most difficult applications, where it is necessary to guarantee the total absence of leaks, we select the MAG Series pumps, without mechanical seal, thus ensuring maximum safety for the application.

All M Pompe pumps can be supplied complying with ATEX Directive 2014/34 / EU.

These technical features are apt to satisfy any type of chemical application.

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