Vegetable oils

Series M and Series T pumps are widely used in food applications, where the properties of the product must arrive at the packaging phase unaltered.

The pumps are specifically designed to transfer the fluid gently, thus preserving both organoleptic properties and quality.

For this reason, M Pompe is one of the main suppliers of oil mills, crushers, and plants for the production of vegetable oils such as palm oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, coconut oil and all those liquid foods that should not be emulsified nor stressed during their handling.

In the food sector, special attention is also given to materials.

M Pompe can supply pumps with flow rates up to 160 m³/h entirely made of austenitic series stainless steel, i.e. the 3XX series.

This choice guarantees an absolutely non-contaminated product, thus avoiding changes in flavor and color, in addition to the fact that stainless steel can be very easily cleaned, ensuring hygiene during the transfer of the fluid.

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