Gear pumps

Gear pumps broaden M Pompe’s range of volumetric pumps. The absence of pulsations and the capability to work at high pressures are the primary characteristics of these pumps.

They are a guarantee of safety, reliability and long life.

Simplicity of construction

Thanks to their relative ease of construction, gear pumps ensure economical and quick maintenance.

Constant flow

The regularity of the flow ensures to obtain a constant flow rate, with excellent precision with regard to MG series dosing pumps.

High pressures

Gear pumps allow the transfer of viscous fluids at high pressures, up to 80 bar.


Corrugated carton board
Animal feed and nutrition
Vegetable oils
Exhausted oils and solvents
Polyol and isocyanate
Chemicals and emulsifiers
Resins and coatings

Gear pump models

There are two options of gear pumps with different flow rates.

G Series Pumps
MG Series Pumps