Exhausted oils and solvents

According to current legislation, Exhausted vegetable and mineral oils are classified as hazardous wastes, hence it is necessary to collect, transfer and recycle them.

The M and T series pumps have flow rates up to 160 m³/h and are supplied with an innovatory spring device that allows the passage of solid particles and the recovery of gaps due to wear or thermal expansion. These features make M Pompe pumps very successful and reliable in this sector, where the fluid may contain solid particles or may be contaminated.

Our pumps can be prepared for coupling to hydraulic motors, and therefore can be installed directly on the truck, which is a dynamic and key application for this sector.

As regards to the treatment of industrial chemical waste such as exhausted solvents, M Pompe supplies pumps complying to ATEX directive 2014/34 / EU for Zone 1, in magnetic version too, i.e. with the total absence of leaks.

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