Animal feed and nutrition

Animal fats, molasses, vegetable oils, fatty-acids, glucose, margarine, food liquids. These are just a few of the processing products in the food, nutrition and animal feed sector.

Thanks to their high self-priming capacity, The M series and T series pumps are the most widely used volumetric pumps in this sector.

The low rotation speed, which is the main characteristic of these pump models, makeS any product with high viscosity processable.

M Pompe has also designed a heating jacket which, by connecting to the steam line or to the hot water line of the system, uses special heating channels in order to prevent the processed fluid from catalyzing or solidifying inside the pumping body. This way it enables the transfer of fluids such as fats, lard and suet which, due to their higher melting point, would be solid at room temperature.

For applications that require a pressure higher than 16 bar, M Pompe has developed the G Series, volumetric pumps with external gears.

The G series pumps enable viscous fluids (up to 100,000 mPa s) to be transferred at high pressures, up to 80 bar.

Thanks to the ease of their construction, the G Series pumps provide affordable and fast maintenance.

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