Polyol and isocyanate

Polyurethane is more and more widely used, from thermal insulation for buildings to footwear to the automotive sector.

Polyurethane is obtained through a complex synthesis that involves the chemical reaction between polyol and isocyanate; the latter is in most cases cytotoxic and carcinogenic, therefore it is of fundamental importance to adopt a type of pump that guarantees the total absence of loss of liquids and emissions into the environment.

Thanks to our long-standing experience in the sector, M Pompe has developed the MAG series, magnetic drive pumps of completely innovative design, with the totally hermetic hydraulic part that allows the internal fluxing of the product.

The absence of mechanical seal, in addition to significantly reducing maintenance or replacement costs, guarantees maximum reliability and safety for the transfer of dangerous, toxic or flammable fluids.

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MG Series Pumps