Resins and coatings

M Pompe pumps are made with materials and seals suitable for satisfying any application in the chemical and resins, paints, inks, solvents, enamels, adhesives, construction chemicals industry.

The self-priming features – up to 0.9 bar at suction – and the capability to transfer fluids with high viscosity – up to 100,000 cPs – place the M, T and MAG series pumps among the most successful positive displacement pumps in this sector.

M Pompe supplies fittings such as:

  • Wheeled cart to ease the movement of the pump within the plant.
  • Inverter panel for on-board operation.
  • Filter with filtration degree according to customer needs.

The experience gained by M Pompe in the coating sector ensures the best selections, thus supplying complete systems mounted on skids.


If the application requires high dispensing accuracy, M Pompe has developed the MG Series, dosing pumps with external gears.

The absence of pulsations guarantees an extremely precise, constant and linear flow dosing.

M Series Pumps
T Series Pumps
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MAG Series Pumps
MG Series Pumps