Hollow oscillating disk pumps

Hollow oscillating disc pumps represent M Pompe’s primary production selection; the construction characteristics and the versatility of materials and seals enable us to satisfy any requirement in the field of viscous fluids.

They are a guarantee of safety, reliability and long life.

Self-priming features

Our pumps self-prime even in harsh conditions and with significant differences in height. In suction they create a vacuum of about 0.9 bar.


They can work in both directions of rotation whilst maintaining their technical characteristics unchanged.

Elasticity of the impeller

It enables adaptation to all viscosities, passage of solid particles and recovery of gaps due to wear or thermal expansion.

Low rotation speed

It is particularly suitable for transferring fluids with high viscosity or liquids that must be handled gently.


Corrugated carton board
Animal feed and nutrition
Vegetable oils
Exhausted oils and solvents
Polyol and isocyanate
Chemicals and emulsifiers
Resins and coatings

Hollow oscillating disk pumps

There are three options of hollow oscillating disk pumps, with different flow rates.

M Series Pumps
T Series Pumps
MAG Series Pumps